Obama vs Romney

I am not one to follow politics on a regular basis. I figure I leave the decision-making up to the ones I trust to be the most knowledgeable in this field, while following any actions and progress with a healthy skepticism. But when election times draw near I start paying attention. It’s hard to sift through the lies and who knows what the true facts and figures are in this big theater they call politics, but one thing I know for sure: I will always trust the one whose interest lies in supporting the greater good, and not the one whose goal is to enrich the most privileged. It’s the notion of freedom of choice, versus the limitation of choice. It’s about narrow-mindedness versus an open attitude towards various topics in life. Be it gay relationships, renewable energy, social security, or upcoming technologies that bring about their own set of challenges. Who do you believe would veer into the direction that is closest to your own beliefs? Judah Mahay used the popular social image sharing site pinterest to illustrate the accomplishments and ideas of both candidates in a useful way, so you can make an informed choice when hitting the voting booths. You will find another great comparison of both candidate’s positions here.

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